Improve your French by singing !

A new methodology !

Apprendre le français en chantant, ludique et instructif à la fois !
Apprenez le français en chantant

The workshop is designed to help you improve your accent while exploring the wealth of
vocabulary and grammar in the spoken French language. Singing will help you discover and
memorize French idioms and typical expressions. It also helps develop good listening skills and
better perceive the musicality of the language.
The language is first simply assimilated through singing and then analyzed in a more academic way, both orally and in writing. The French songs are chosen for their vocabulary and their representative grammatical content. The presentation of the songs in a historical and cultural context does complete the workshop.
Benefits for the participants
A better understanding of our language and country, a better adaptation to the professional or private environment, a better communication between people, team spirit and harmony. A personal satisfaction and a reinforced self-esteem.
Price per person : Chf 100.- payable in advance
Target audience
Any person who has a beginner or medium level of French and who wants to improve it both orally and grammatically.
Minimum 4 people
Information / Registration
079 262 54 26