Singing workshop

Group singing course with French and English pop songs

Des cours de chant en groupe pour prendre confiance
Cours de chant en groupe

This workshop is for any person who wants to sing and explore the vocal expression with pleasure, relaxation and well-being in a group. The courses always start with a short “body” preparation made of breathing, vocalizing and singing exercices. This is then followed by French and English pop songs as well as some world songs. Your suggestions are also welcome.

One hour during which you will discover :

  • The pleasure to sing in group
  • Exchange, fun and communication with the others
  • The volume, the tone, the colour of your voice
  • The resonators, the sounds and their vibrations in your body
  • Breathing, posture, verticality, relaxation
  • Improvisation, rhythm, melodies
  • Self-confidence through the voice
Minimum 4 people, maximum 12. There is no musical prerequisite for this course, only your desire to sing.

Place : Ecole de danse du théâtre Les Montreurs d’Images, rue Michel-Simon 9 – 1205 Genève

Day and time : Every Wednesday from 7.30 to 8.30 pm

Price : chf 250.- for 3 months (10 workshops). There are 3 periods of 10 courses and 1 period of 5 courses during the whole year. The first trial course is free and then commitment is for one school year, from September till June.