Singing courses


Who am I ?

I have always been singing and interested by music, singing, voice and therapy.

I very early chose to learn languages because they are linked to vocal expression, imitation and music, and it was easy for me. Besides, human being development has always been a passion and this is certainly what brought me to study coaching.

In a first instance, several years in different multinationals as human resources and marketing assistant led me to meet all kinds of persons and nationalities, to use my languages and to highlight my organization and communication skills.

One day I decided to change profession and to assemble the various aspects of my personality into one training which could gather music, singing, personal development, languages, psychology and openness. I found this training at the Ecole de la voix in Annecy.

Today I give individual singing courses and conduct various group singing workshops, some with singing only, others with singing and learning a language, others with singing and body consciousness.

My workshops always start with a body and a vocal preparation because body and voice are inseparable. I accompany people to explore both of them so that they discover by themselves their potential or simply make new vocal experiences. These physical and vocal exercises help assert the voice and increase participants’ confidence and self-esteem.

Voice art therapist – Qualified at the « Ecole de la Voix » in Annecy, France : Work on the spoken and singing,  "The word in all circumstances" – public speaking method called « technestésie », etc.