Saturday 18th January 2020

from 9.30 to 12.30

Price : Fr. 90.-


A workshop to :

  • Release stress and tension through breathing
  • Discover our resonators, the sounds in us and their vibration
  • Build confidence in your body
  • Explore your posture and "take roots"
  • Gain confidence in your voice, in yourself
  • Listen to yourself, listen to the others, connect with others

And above all ... enjoy singing in group with French and English pop-rock songs !


Whether you are a beginner or confirmed singer, you are welcome, this workshop will interest you and help you gain confidence !


Place : Ecole de danse du théâtre Les Montreurs d’Images, rue Michel-Simon 9 - 1205 Genève

Registration by email or phone, validation of your registration upon receipt of your payment.                                                  
079 262 54 26                                                                                       078 822 01 64